Tips For Making An Office Move Easier

Moving offices is a stressful time for everyone. The workplace needs to be cleared out, the new area needs to be organized, and team members must adjust their work schedules. All these can be overwhelming at first glance, but it’s not impossible. To make the process easier for your employees and yourself, here are some practical tips on how you can transition to your new office fast and easy.

Plan First

If you’ve relocated to a new home before, understand that this operation is nothing like it. Moving an office is way more complicated and exhausting. You have to consider a lot of factors and plan each one carefully.

That’s why coming up with a strategy ahead of time is necessary – perhaps a year or several months prior, if possible. You’ll want to figure out which movers to hire, where to find a new place, what office items to move, and how you will notify your clients.

Talk To Your Employees About It

Remember that you’re not a one-man army. Your employees are also part of the company’s success. Knowing this, it’s best that everyone knows what’s happening and understands the reasons for this operation. Hold a meeting to discuss your plans with your team. Consult them about their availability. They might have children in school or a loved one who needs medical attention. Give them time to prepare. You’ll also want to assign roles to each one and give them tasks to make the moving process a whole lot easier.

Sure, you want to move to a better office space. But don’t keep it a secret from your employees!

Assign a Project Manager

If you’re not already the sole project manager, assign someone to this role. Doing so allows you to focus on more important matters such as changing your office address or negotiating with your new office’s landlord. Back to the project manager, delegate this to a person with proven leadership skills and multi-tasking capabilities. That’s because he will have a lot of work on his hands, like coordinating with the movers, organizing supplies, maintaining communication, budgeting, and overseeing the process from start to finish.

Hire a Moving Company

It’s understandable to move independently when moving homes. However, it’s a different story when moving an office. It’s a big operation with several logistics to consider. You’ll need movers to help you out on this one. Besides taking care of the heavy lifting, they work efficiently to reduce your downtime. You can trust them to move expensive equipment such as photocopiers, computers, and refrigerators. They can also help organize your documents and quickly transfer entire cubicles. More importantly, movers save your employees energy and effort, allowing them to focus on their routine responsibilities until the day of the move.

Have Everyone Declutter Their Desks

When it comes to office moves, decluttering is just as important. Workspace clutter is everywhere, from small pens to misplaced rulers to bulks of paperwork. Of course, you won’t be able to do the clean-up on your own. Have everyone pack their own personal desk. Ask them to start cleaning their desks of plants, decorations, and picture frames. Before moving day, all cubicles should be packed and ready to be loaded by the movers.

Make sure your employees do their part, too!

Give the IT Department Your Attention

Keep in mind that your office is nothing without your IT Department. They are the ones that store the data and keep all the computers up and running. Make sure to give them an ample amount of time to plan before the move. They need it to back up data, transfer files, and secure the hardware. It would also be best to have them collaborate with the movers in relocating massive chunks of equipment and hardware.

Let Your Clients Know That You’re Moving

Besides your employees, you also need to inform your clientele that you’ll be out for a few days. You don’t want them thinking that you’re suddenly out of business without prior notice. Have your customer support team email your contacts and let them know when is the estimated time that you’ll be back into action. They will certainly appreciate it.

Celebrate Your Move’s Success

At last! You’re finally done! Everything is slick and set up in your new office. Now, you and your team deserve a celebration. Buy some pizza and snacks for everyone. It’s important that you guys take time off work even for just a day after such an intense experience. After that, start fresh and enjoy being more productive in your new workspace.

Three cheers for being able to make an office move smoothly!

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