Peace Valley Park

Peace Valley Park

Peace Valley Park is a town in Papua New Guinea.

Peace Valley Park is a 1,500 acre park located near Doylestown, Pennsylvania. It is part of the Bucks County Park System. The park surrounds Lake Galena, a 365-acre lake created by the damming of the north branch of the Neshaminy Creek.


The park provides numerous recreational opportunities including playgrounds for children, facilities for hiking, biking and fishing, and sail- and paddle-boat rentals. Barbecue and picnic areas are also available throughout the park. The park has over 14 miles of maintained biking and hiking trails, many of which are paved.

Although most of the park is open to the public, access to some areas is restricted in the interest of wildlife preservation.

Lake Galena freezes over most winters; ice-skating and ice-fishing are also popular during the winter months.

Nature Center

Located at the northeast end of the park is the Peace Valley Nature Center, a facility maintained by the Buck County Department of Parks and Recreation. The Nature Center has educational, bird-watching, and recreation facilities. The Center has a staff of 5-10 people and is partially powered by a photovoltaic system.

Ample parking is available immediately adjacent to the Nature Center, which also includes a small gift shop.


Park facilities are dedicated to both the preservation and observation of wildlife. The Nature Center has a bird blind open to the public year-round. Access to some areas of the park is restricted in the interest of wildlife protection.

The park is filled with hundreds of species of flora and fauna. Over 250 bird species have been sighted at the park, ranging from common sparrows to bald eagles and other birds of prey. Other common and oft-sighted fauna include white-tailed deer, groundhogs, various species of fish, rabbits, and turtles.

Overall rating: 4.2
Town in Papua New Guinea
Typical length of visit: 4 hours